Biografía de C. Lloyd Morgan

¿Quién fue C. Lloyd Morgan?

C. Lloyd Morgan was one of the most important scientists at the beginning of the thoracic surgery explosion that occurred in the United Kingdom in the early 1920’s. He was ordained in the Church of Wales and served as a army doctor in France. Morgan joined Cardiff Infirmary in 1911. He achieved the M.B., Ch.B., B.Sc., and the F.R.C.S. in 1915. He married Edith Constance Rice in 1920. The same year he was appointed to the Chair of Surgery at Bangor University and also surgeon to the North Wales Hospital. Morgan was also editor of the brain journal Acta neurologica.

Morgan published many influential animal studies. In these experiments he applied and combined the basic research methods of classical conditioning, introspection and maze learning. His contributions to Thoracic Surgery were his high standards of surgical care and the success of surgical procedures he pioneered for treating pulmonary tuberculosis.

Lloyd Morgan established an experimental surgical unit in Chiselhurst, Kent at the Tuberculosisandanorthosis sanatorium. At the Chiselhurst sanatorium he and his assistant Samuel L. Breck were able to apply the lessons learned about infection control and mortalitiy rates for pulmonary tuberculosis that he had discovered and perfected at the North Wales hospital. The mortality rates for pulmonary tuberculosis procedures dropped significantly at Chiselhurst.

Sir Lloyd Morgan died unexpectedly on the 24th November 1930..

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