Biografía de Costanzo Preve

¿Quién fue Costanzo Preve?

Contemporary philosopher Costanzo Preve (born in Turin on 13th July 1963) came from a factory-worker family and died from a family illness in 2009. His primary schooling ended at the age of fifteen in 1978, with his graduating from high school in 1982. He then worked in the public administration of Piemonte Province and became the head of the cultural department of the trade union of the factory where he was employed. From 1991 to 2002 he devoted himself to autonomist social and political activity, weekly shifts at the local anarchist bookshop and regular contributions to «A Libera» («A Free») anarchist newspaper. In 1992 he edited a book-length issue of Lavoritore, a magazine founded by the ItalianLibertarian workers’ movement, in which he published the thesis: «The abolition of the classes and State, with no exceptions whatsoever, is the task of the people who take their lives into their own hands». In 1995 he published a book titled: «Al di là del mercato. Lavoro, eteronomia, mercificazione, autonomia?» («Beyond the market: work, heteronomy and self-commodification or autonomy?)».

In 1995 completed his doctoral thesis in philosophy titled «Legalità libertà autodeterminazione» and was awarded the degree «cum laude». In 1997 he started to teach at the University, first philosophy of law and then philosophy of language in 2000 and philosophy of conflict in 2003 at the University of the «Tor Vergata» (Rome). In 2005 he jointed the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy at the University of «Asia eMediterraneo» (Palermo). In 2000 he edited a book containing his essay: «Al di là del diritto. Micropolitica e diritto negato» («Beyond right: Micropolitics and right denied»).

COSTANZO PREVE pone a disposal of the readers a large quantity of preface and Notes to Chinese editions of philosophical essays, to the selected works of major authors of the Western philosophical and sociological traditions and to works of contemporary Western philosophers..

Escrito por: Gonzalo Jiménez

Licenciado en Filosofía en la Universidad de Granada (UGR), con Máster en Filosofía Contemporánea en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)
Desde 2015, se ha desempeñado como docente universitario y como colaborador en diversas publicaciones Académicas, con artículos y ensayos. Es aficionado a la lectura de textos antiguos y le gustan las películas y los gatos.