Biografía de Giambattista Vico

¿Quién fue Giambattista Vico?

Giambattista Vico is considered one of the seminal figures in the history of Western thought. Born into a family of modest means in southern Italy, Vico managed to receive a comprehensive education despite his humble origins. After studying law at the University of Naples, he embarked on a career in academia, eventually securing a teaching position at the university.

However, Vico’s true passion was for philosophy and history, subjects on which he wrote prolifically throughout his life. His most famous work, the ‘New Science’, is a broad survey of Western civilization which seeks to explain the rise and fall of civilizations in terms of their adherence (or lack thereof) to certain fundamental principles.

While Vico’s work was largely ignored in his own lifetime, it has since come to be highly respected by thinkers from a wide range of disciplines. His ideas on the importance of history and culture in shaping human societies have had a profound impact on the development of the social sciences, while his cyclical conception of history has been taken up by philosophers and historians alike..

Escrito por: Gonzalo Jiménez

Licenciado en Filosofía en la Universidad de Granada (UGR), con Máster en Filosofía Contemporánea en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)
Desde 2015, se ha desempeñado como docente universitario y como colaborador en diversas publicaciones Académicas, con artículos y ensayos. Es aficionado a la lectura de textos antiguos y le gustan las películas y los gatos.